The soft echo of footsteps pierces the silent night air, emanating from a place beyond the stairs. Past the dark precipice lies a place for the forgotten knickknacks, memories, and secrets cast away to collect dust, slowly fading with time until they are all but a dream. But what if those secrets don’t want to be forgotten…

This October Desolate Entertainment and the Chase Park Advisory Council present their most chilling haunted attraction to date, The Attic.

Venture through this macabre play house overrun by the orphaned children trapped inside. Stay and play awhile but be warned, you may never find your way out.












1. You are an expecting mother

2. You have a heart condition

3. You have a sensitivity to strobe lights

4. You have a sensitivity to fog

5. You have a fear of small spaces



The Lore:


In the early 1940s, a mysterious organization reached out to Dr. Arthur Bram, the leading researching on performance-enhancing substances. They tasked Dr. Bram with creating superhumans that felt no pain, no emotion, and no fear, in an effort to compete with the research being carried out halfway around the globe. Dr. Bram set to work on this impossible goal, running experiment after experiment, each one more disturbing than the last. He found that children were the best subjects for his experiment, responding well to his potent cocktail of chemicals. Just as he was on the brink of discovery the notice came, the war was over and his research was canceled. When Dr. Bram finally stopped and looked at all of his failures, he was appalled at what lay before him. Things so unspeakable, so disturbing he decided the only thing to do was to hide them away, somewhere no one would ever find them. So, he hid them in the only logical place, the place where all unwanted things end up. As he boarded up the stairs, the soundtrack of furious screeches and scratching fingernails echoed through the now-empty building. Some say, on a particularly quiet night, you can still hear the soft footsteps of the children echoing from the Attic…

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(parental warning)